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Are Corrugated Boxes Eco Friendly?

February 23, 2021

Are Corrugated Boxes Eco Friendly?

At Victory Box Corp, we care about the Earth and we are committed to keeping our products sustainable. We keep our environmental impact in mind with all of our processes, which is why our excess waste is recycled into new products for others to use, and our corrugated boards are made out of recycled paper to reduce the pressure of deforestation on Earth.

Environmental Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are made up of three layers of paper, all of which make the product itself more durable, and are great at protecting the products being shipped. They are made up of 70%-100% of recycled materials, and are often produced without dyes and bleaches, which further reduces their carbon footprint. Some benefits of using corrugated boxes include:

Corrugated Boxes Are Reusable

Our corrugated boxes are easily reusable, renewable and recyclable. We are able to collapse our boxes and reuse them again in the future. Corrugated boxes are known for being solid and durable, which makes it easier to reuse them multiple times. Once they have gotten a lot of good use, they can be recycled!

They Contain Recyclable Content And Are Recyclable

As stated above, corrugated boxes are made up of 70%-100% of recycled materials. Packaging is made without any dyes or bleaches, which makes these boxes a lot more sustainable than products that use these harmful contaminants. Corrugated packaging is also recyclable, so once they have been used up multiple times, they can be easily recycled.

They Offer Protection For Your Products

Our boxes can easily stack as many products as possible to avoid waste. This process allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by providing as much space as possible. Since corrugated boxes are durable, they offer the most amount of protection for any type of product. These boxes provide the most sustainability while being able to transport products from point A to point B without damaging them.

Corrugated Boxes Vs Cardboard Boxes

Many people would not notice the difference between cardboard and corrugated boxes, and often may even use the terms interchangeably. Corrugated and cardboard boxes are different in many ways, including the materials used to make them. Some of the major differences are:

  • The materials used to make each box
  • The construction process to assemble the boxes
  • The sturdiness and protection of the finished product for shipping

Cardboard boxes are made out of a thick paper stock or heavy paper-pulp. But, cardboard boxes do not provide nearly as much protection as corrugated boxes do, which means cardboard boxes have to use bubble wrapping inside of it to ensure that the products don’t get ruined. This added material further adds to their carbon footprint.

Corrugated boxes are made up of a few more materials, making the boxes way more durable than cardboard. This will ensure that the products are safe and protected when transporting items, and doesn’t require any other materials like bubble wrap to keep them safe. Stacks of corrugated cardboard are trimmed and folded to form boxes of all shapes and sizes. A thick glue is then applied to the corners to provide the most durability.

Why Are Corrugated Boxes An Eco Friendly Option?

Corrugated boxes are a more environmentally friendly packaging option than wood or plastic because they are made from sheets of corrugated cardboard, as well as a variety of other recyclable materials including old newspapers or used cartons. Because it is created using a high percentage of recycled material, the energy required to produce it is considerably less.

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At Victory Box Corp, we are dedicated to providing ‘green’ packaging solutions, and that starts with ensuring our products are sustainable. If you are in need of sustainable packaging for your business, we are ready to utilize our 70 years of expertise to help your company succeed. Contact Victory Box Corp today to discuss our custom corrugated packaging products and services.

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