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Guide to Custom Gable Boxes

October 6, 2022

Guide to Custom Gable Boxes

Design Your Custom Gable Box With Victory Box Corp.

Gable Boxes are highly in demand. Their insane popularity is due to the fact gable boxes are unique and appealing. In a market full of stiff competition, companies need something that will give them the right nudge to make their way to the top. Ideally, these packaging choices are by far the best choice that has given brands the right amount of recognition and boost to survive and thrive efficiently. Undoubtedly, custom gable boxes flex utility and are one of the most appealing packaging methods to businesses. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a popular choice in nearly every industry. The food industry makes good use of these boxes. The convenient handle and unique shape are unparalleled by any other package. A gable box is a container used for food or party favors.

You may know the gable box as the “Dunkin Donuts Box.” It is made of cardboard and has a square bottom with a triangular-shaped top which forms a handle, and the ends fold up into the handle attached through two small slits. The terminology “Gable” refers to the front or side of a building enclosed by a pitched roof, and a gable box mimics that shape! Also, a gable box’s main aesthetic is that it looks like a bag from the top but like a box at the bottom. Not to mention every Gable Box produced by Victory Box Corp is made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials.  

What Does Designing A Custom Gable Box Provide?

There are several ways to design a Gable Box, and your uniqueness can correlate to increased sales. Victory Box Corp provides digital printing for all labeling needs, helping you print attractive designs. The eco-friendly cardboard frame of gable boxes often serves as a go-to box; add a business card on top of shred tissue with promotional items such as personalized pens, key chains, flash drives, notepads, and you are good to go! Gable boxes are perfect for storing food, as proven by Dunkin’ Donuts and munchkins. Use them for party favors and stuff them with candy and treats.

  • Versatility – Equipped with a handle, gable boxes provide the benefits of a bag and box.
  • Usage – Gable boxes can be used for packaging boxes for food items in delis, restaurants, takeaways, and gift items.
  • Size: – The unique design of gable boxes can accommodate any shaped or sized items.
  • Material – Most gable boxes are made with white or brown kraft paper, but they can also be made with other materials like cardboard.
  • Printing – Gable boxes can be printed using CMYK or PMS.
  • Packaging – Gable boxes come in flat. They are packaged to consume less space when stored and can be easily assembled afterward.

Gable Boxes Using Kraft Material

Kraft Paper is a unique style of packaging material! Kraft paper holds many benefits, including sustainability. Kraft paper is highly durable, and no bleaching is involved. Shipping costs are lower than many other types of packaging. The appearance is simple and elegant, with room for companies to customize their branding needs.

To summarize, corrugated cardboard that’s made from kraft paper is an excellent option because of its:

Customize Your Digital Marketing

Custom digital labels on gift-gable boxes will look very creative, and this customization can take your brand to a new level. Customers wandering in the market are always looking out for something new. Brands can create limited edition sticky boxes for special occasions like New Year and Christmas. They can even place wish lists or inserts inside the box, making the new customers curious. If the brand’s packaging is introduced with digital labels for the cardboard gables, it will increase sales. With all the advancements in printing and technology, custom digital labels are very profitable and economical simultaneously. A business can use multiple images, logos, and artistic designs for digital printing, and the appeal of these boxes will enhance to a new level of recognition.

No Matter The Size! Gable Boxes Are The Go-To!

When mentioning gable packaging boxes, usually for folks, the first image that comes to mind is of a small cute box with a handle. This is a misconception about the packages! The packaging industry has advanced so much that you can easily find the gable box in almost every size. That’s why large gable boxes are getting popular among customers and brands. The option to purchase large gable boxes wholesale is not just limited to flavors or food delivery– your business can utilize them for goods transportation, retail packaging, and even for packing the most delicate bakery products.

Contact Us Today For Sustainable Kraft Packaging

The use of gable boxes and kraft paper has become increasingly popular because of its sustainability, durable packaging, and lightweight shipping for businesses. Victory Box Corp is dedicated to providing the most eco-friendly packaging. Contact us today to discuss our gable box products and printing services.

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