How Should I Package Perishables During Summer?

July 26, 2022

How Should I Package Perishables During Summer?

When it comes to the packing and shipping of perishable goods, Summer makes an already challenging task even more daunting.

The heat and humidity of the season threaten to spoil your package (and its contents) unless additional steps are taken to ensure that the box is properly equipped to fend off searing Summer temperatures.

Don’t sweat it, though; to help keep you (and your products) cool, we’re going to share some tips on how to properly package perishables during Summer.

Label The Package As Perishable

The International Air Transportation Association states that any item which deteriorates over time or when exposed to the elements is considered “perishable” (such as meat, dairy, produce, seafood, etc.)

Using labels to indicate that your package contains perishables is an easy way to let the folks who ship it know that it needs to be handled appropriately to maintain freshness, such as by storing it in a temperature controlled space, or prioritizing its delivery along the route.

Pick The Right Packaging Materials

Although our typical corrugated cardboard boxes are the perfect choice for most packaging needs, they’re not the ideal option for shipping perishables. This is especially true during Summer, where the heat and humidity of a hot day can cause corrugated boxes to lose their integrity and spoil any perishables packed within.

Some ways to combat this are by adding insulation inserts to the box, incorporating bubble wrap, using insulated packaging, or by utilizing our specialized, custom corrugated packaging for frozen and refrigerated food.

Pack Items Properly

Another key to ensuring your perishables stay fresh during shipment is by making sure they’re packed appropriately.

Simply follow typical packing procedures and guidelines, but also be sure to incorporate whatever insulation or cooling items you need to minimize the risk of the product spoiling in transit. Lastly, using heavy-duty tape to seal the package will also help to keep any perishable items safe and fresh.

Once you’re finished, it’s always a good idea to inspect the package for any issues, openings or damage that could put your perishable goods at risk.

Keep Perishables Cold

Keeping your perishables cool is imperative to keeping them fresh during transit.

Some methods you can use to keep your product cold once it’s packed is by utilizing gel coolant packs, dry ice, traditional ice, specially-designed packaging and more.

Another technique to consider is “pre-chilling” perishables before they get packed. This helps keep them colder for an even longer time, and improves their ability to fight off the Summer heat.

Use Expedited (Or Overnight) Shipping Services

Perishables will rapidly decay if exposed to the elements for too long, even with proper packing. Therefore, it’s important to utilize expedited (or overnight) shipping services to make sure the box reaches its destination before its contents spoil.

You should also consider shipping the package earlier in the week, rather than on a Friday or over the weekend, as you’re less likely to experience shipping delays.

Discuss Your Specific Packaging Needs With Your Supplier

If you need to ship perishable items, but have questions or don’t know where to start, get in touch with us!

Not only do we offer a wide variety of packaging products and services, we also have an incredible staff that’s dedicated to helping you accomplish your shipping goals!

Let us know your situation and what you’re trying to ship, and our support staff will work with you to come up with a solution. Whatever your packaging needs are, our friendly staff is ready to help!

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