How to Increase Customer Engagement Through Packaging

June 17, 2024

How to Increase Customer Engagement Through Packaging

How To Increase Customer Engagement Through Packaging

If you’re wondering how to increase customer engagement, don’t overlook the benefits of captivating packaging. With beautiful and branded corrugated shipping boxes by Victory Box, you’ll convince customers to keep ordering your products. We use premium materials and beautiful graphic design to create packaging campaigns that produce results beyond shipping.

The Importance of Customer Engagement

Every business benefits from improved customer engagement. When customers love your brand, they remain loyal, leave positive reviews, and buy products more often. It also helps you gain clearer insights into your customers, which allows you to better meet their needs and anticipate changes in demographics or buying trends.

Best Practices for Packaging That Increases Engagement

If you’re wondering how to increase customer engagement with your packaging or shipping materials, Victory Box Corp uses the following methods.

Brand Consistency

Ensure every package presents the same image of your brand and integrates consistently with your other marketing. For example, if you publicly endorse business sustainability, you shouldn’t use packaging that isn’t recyclable. Confirm you use the same language, colors, logos, and messaging across your products, marketing, packaging, and other customer interactions.

Activate Senses

Humans engage with the world through our senses, and it’s a major way we make memories and determine whether we engage positively or negatively with an experience. When your packaging activates the senses, your customers keep coming back for more. How can you make a box a sensory experience?

  • Create stunning, high-resolution images
  • Implement unique textures and innovative materials for your packages
  • Utilize die-cut windows so customers can touch the product
  • Install sound or sense strips

Create a Campaign

Remember to incorporate your packaging into your larger marketing efforts. Did you know your packaging can tell a story and take your customers on a journey?

As they look at each side, they should gain an increasing amount of information, such as your company branding, your company story, and product information. Inside, you can put a personalized thank you along with instructions and additional branding.

Utilize Psychology

By incorporating the following color psychology principles, you can mold how your customers experience your products:

  • White communicates innocence, sophistication, and ease.
  • Black enhances the effect of other colors and adds a sense of luxury.
  • Yellow evokes a sense of enjoyment and excitement, but you should use it sparingly.
  • Green highlights sustainability, health, peace, and positivity.
  • Blue remains the most popular color and makes you feel trustworthy.
  • Purple, often associated with royalty, makes a customer feel posh.
  • Red can evoke a sense of romanticism, passion, and energy.

Create Multi-Purpose Packaging

Smart packaging provides adaptable usage, such as transforming into a decoration, linking to an experience with a QR code, or allowing you to carry the product or keep the food or beverage cool. It creates a more extended customer experience.

Victory Box Corp Creates Stunning Packaging

Now that you know how to increase customer engagement with beautiful packaging, reach out to Victory Box Corp. As experts in branding and packaging that harnesses the power of marketing and sustainability, we make shipping matter. Obtain a quote by filling out our online form or calling (908) 245-5100.

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