Die Cut Packaging

When potential customers are looking at products, the first thing they will see is the packaging. You can sell the best product available, but without a high quality packaging design you may not be able to get the first impression your product deserves. Custom die cut packaging allows you to create more complex designs instead of being stuck with traditional cardboard boxes. Victory Box Corp manufactures die cut packaging to meet the specifications of your brand and provide a high quality solution to catch the eye of potential customers.

What Is

Die Cut Packaging?

Die cutting is a specialized process that uses tools and machines to make stock material into packaging of many shapes and sizes through cutting, forming, and shearing. The “die” in the name comes from a tool that is essentially a specialized piece of metal used to shape and cut the material that will be used for the packaging. The die cutting process will be different depending on the specifics of the packaging you want for your product. Products labels will play a large role in this process. Dies come in many standard shapes and sizes such as squares, circles, ovals etc. However, many products or brands utilize custom shapes and sizes, which Victory Box can design and print as required.

Die Cut Styles

For a comprehensive list of all styles Victory currently manufactures, please download the FEFCO Code at

Die Cut Packaging

Offers Diverse Customization

For many companies, packaging design will be the first physical impression a customer has of your brand and your product. If your packaging is bland and cheaply made, it reflects poorly on your company and reflects poorly on the quality of your actual product. High quality packaging will help set the tone for every interaction a customer has with your brand going forward. You can also customize your boxes with features like embossing, cut outs, foil stamping and window patching.

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