What Are Packaging Trends For 2022?

May 3, 2022

What Are Packaging Trends For 2022?

The packaging industry continues to boom, growing year after year, and evolving to meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

Keeping up on the latest trends can be the deciding factor in what makes or breaks an ecommerce business, so we’ve compiled a list of the top packaging trends emerging in 2022 so you can get ahead of the game!

Branded And Unique Packaging

The popularity of online shopping is a double-edged sword: while it’s easier than ever to get started in the ecommerce field, it’s harder than ever to stand out.

With such an oversaturated and competitive industry, it’s critical that you provide an experience no one else can, and a great way to accomplish this is through the effective use of branded packaging. Our team of expert designers can help you create a custom package solution that not only protects your products, but brings your brand to life in a unique way.

Once people start associating your brand with the unique appeal of your packaging, you’ll soon find that you’ve carved out a small niche of repeat customers in this cutthroat market, which is more valuable than you might think!

Hygienic Packaging

Having been faced with a worldwide pandemic, it’s not surprising to see a renewed focus on hygiene as an emerging packaging trend in 2022.

While the phrase “hygienic packaging” might make you think you need a medical degree to successfully implement the concept, it really just boils down to a handful of simple, straightforward methods you can use to keep your boxes and their contents as sanitary as possible.

For example, one very easy way to make your packaging more hygienic is by using tamper-evident tape, or even designing your custom packages to have built-in tamper indicators by default. If neither option seems adequate enough, why not go all in and use a tamper-proof box? Made from corrugated cardboard, it’s both highly-effective and completely sustainable!

Adding Information To Your Packaging

We’ve already mentioned that superior branded packaging is one of the only ways to stand out from the oceans of anonymous competitors, but another recent trend that can help give you an edge is using your packages to provide additional information about your products and business.

This can be as simple as printing your website on the side of a box, noting where your product came from and what went into it, or even including a personal note to a customer. This is especially critical when it comes to food products, as customers are becoming more and more curious about sustainable sourcing, ingredients, and overall nutrition.

Connected (Or “Smart”) Packaging

With the proliferation of smartphones, advanced technologies, and the increased interconnectivity of our society, in general, it was only a matter of time before these concepts and their associated technologies made their way to packaging.

Whether you call it “connected packaging” or “smart packaging,” this trend covers everything from having QR codes printed onto boxes, to full-blown augmented reality implementation, and is a great way to provide your customers with new experiences and inventive interactions.

The realm of smart packaging, and what it entails, continues to see evolution and innovation, so be sure to keep your eyes on this growing trend in 2022 and beyond.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging are part of our identity at Victory Box, so we’re thrilled to see that these concepts have become a popular (and still growing) trend that’s being adopted throughout the industry.

By simply using packages made from recycled materials, reducing the amount of waste included with the products you ship, or even just spreading the word about the importance of sustainability through an included note can go a long way for your customers and the planet.

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