Why Is Packaging Important in Marketing? Here’s What to Know

May 21, 2024

Why Is Packaging Important in Marketing? Here’s What to Know

Why Is Packaging Important in Marketing?

Have your colleagues urged you to incorporate branding into your packaging? You’re probably wondering, “Why is packaging important in marketing?”

At Victory Box Corp, we can help you understand packaging’s impact on marketing. From corrugated shipping boxes to beautiful logos imprinted on your materials, we provide quality packaging solutions combined with effective marketing strategies. Learn more today.

The Importance of Packaging

Understanding the marketing importance of packaging can help you enhance your business, providing you with some significant benefits.

Influencing Customers

One of the strongest marketing and packaging connections is its ability to influence customer buying habits. A wealth of evidence shows that color palettes can influence what and how much you buy, and according to one study by Kissmetrics, 93% of people make their purchasing choices based primarily on the color and visual appeal of the product or packaging.

Consider the following colors for your packaging:

  • Black: Use this color to market luxury products because its sleekness communicates power.
  • Blue: Often used by banks and businesses, blue communicates trust and security.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the color of youth and vitality and often entices window shoppers to enter the store.
  • Green: Related to wealth and relaxation, green puts customers at ease.
  • Red: Because it creates a sense of urgency, companies often use red in clearance sales.
  • Orange: Orange can create a sense of aggression and works well for calls to action.
  • Pink: Still associated with beauty and femininity, pink remains the primary color for marketing to women.
  • Purple: Because it creates a sense of beauty and calmness, you’ll often find purple packaging on anti-aging or cosmetic products.

Brand Consistency

Why is packaging important in marketing? Part of packaging’s marketing influence relies on its ability to promote brand consistency. For example, if you value sustainability in your business, you can use eco-friendly packaging and your customers know you put your words into action.

Brand Recognition

One of the best packaging benefits for marketing is that it provides increased visibility for your brand. How many people do you think will see a package between the time you pack it and the moment the customer opens it? When you add branding to your boxes, you make your brand visible to everyone from package handlers to people walking by your customer’s front porch.

Optimizing Your Branded Packaging

Now that you understand packaging’s role in a marketing strategy, how can you maximize your results?

  • Design your packaging to stand out with eye-catching features and deliberate color schemes.
  • Choose colors that evoke the emotion you want when people see your brand.
  • Don’t cut corners on your packaging’s durability.
  • Keep the packages easy to open to avoid frustrating your customers.

Victory Box Corp creates packaging with all these factors and incorporates stunning graphic design that represents your brand well.

Victory Box Corp Creates Beautiful Packaging

Why is packaging important in marketing? It can influence your customer’s buying habits and increase your brand visibility. From biodegradable packaging to beautiful graphics and logos, Victory Box Corp can exceed your expectations for packaging materials. To request a quote, contact us today.

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