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E-Commerce Packaging

For many e-commerce brands, packaging design will be the first physical impression a customer has of your brand and your product. If your packaging is bland and cheaply made, it reflects poorly on your company and reflects poorly on the quality of your actual product. High quality packaging will help set the tone for every interaction a customer has with your brand going forward. As a marketing tool, e-commerce packaging for your business can help you stand out amongst the many other similar companies and products that are available to consumers at the click of a mouse. Victory Box Corp works with our clients to create memorable and visually interesting packaging designs that your customers will love. Some of the features available in our custom e-commerce packaging include:

  • Packaging boxes are easy to assemble and unpack
  • Rectangular shape makes for easy stocking on store shelves and easy shipping
  • Customizable box sizes to account for size and quantity of product
  • 6 sided packaging that can be designed with custom print jobs for branding and information

Our custom e-commerce packaging can be designed for a wide variety of products including:
  • Food Products including Frozen and Refrigerated Food
  • Clothing and Apparel
  • Board Games
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Textiles

These are just a handful of the product types which we have designed custom packaging for. If you are operating in a space outside of those mentioned above, we are available to work with you to design the perfect packaging for your product.

What Makes Great

E-Commerce Packaging?

E-commerce has changed the way people shop, and with it has come a whole new list of challenges and considerations. With many people doing their shopping online and receiving their products by mail, it is incredibly important that their package arrives in the perfect condition. According to Amazon, “Our number one priority is to delight customers and packaging is an important part of that.” Here are some qualities that make e-commerce packaging stand out from the competition:

Heavy items need thick, sturdy corrugated boxes to support the weight and ensure safe travel.

Providing a box that perfectly fits the item prevents it from moving around during shipping and reduces packaging waste.

When shipping fragile or high-value products, it is worth it to use secure, protective packaging to make sure it arrives safely. Double-walled cardboard adds some extra protection and strength to the package.

Your packaging choices will affect your shipping costs. By using cost-effective packaging, you can pass savings on to your customers.

Your e-commerce packaging should be a representation of your brand. Attractive packaging makes a strong impression on customers when they receive their delivery. A high quality design and special touches can make packages feel unique and personalized.

Using sustainable packaging not only helps the environment, but will also improve your company’s reputation. At Victory Box Corp, all of our corrugated boxes are made from recycled paper. Customize Your E-Commerce Pa

Customize Your

E-Commerce Packaging Design

The design you choose for your box can go a long way in attracting potential customers to your products. The look and feel of your packaging can help strengthen your brand and Victory Box Corp is here to help you create a visually pleasing and functional design for your shipping boxes. At Victory Box Corp, we let our clients guide the creative process by offering flexibility in e-commerce packaging customization. Need your boxes to be cut and personalized to meet your specific needs and requirements? No problem, Victory Box has the tools and equipment to create the perfect packaging for your product. On top of having robust customization options, Victory Box Corp uses only the highest quality materials to make sure your packaging can properly store each element contained within the box, so customers will get a fully functional product with every aspect intact.

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