What We Do

We Design Boxes

At Victory Box Corp in Palisades Park, New Jersey, we specialize in the most effective box design and manufacturing in the industry. Our full-time designers and graphic artists are ready to meet all your packaging needs by ensuring your product performs the way you need it to.

Unique Offer

Custom Prototypes

We offer custom prototypes that will illustrate what you're buying before it goes into production. We can ship anywhere in the country, utilizing outside carriers, as well as ship by rail. Our fleet of 10 tractors and 40 trailers will ensure your on-time delivery!

Why Choose Victory?

We are a regional independent producer with onsite owner management.

We plan our production based on customer requirements.

We ship 75% of our orders in 72 hours.

We ship throughout a 200 mile radius on our own trucks and nationally without side carriers.