Is Custom Packaging Worth It?

September 1, 2022

Is Custom Packaging Worth It?

Custom Packaging Is Worth It For Your Business

When you have your own investment, business, endeavor–whatever it may be, you want to figure out a way to maximize your product’s impact. Custom Packaging will always be worth it in the end, and while this list may not cover every single possible reason to have custom packaging, it will provide you with ideas and methods to design your own sustainable packaging.

A New Look!

First Impressions are everything, and for a majority of consumer products the package design is the most effective communicator, it lets a customer know your brand’s core identity. That reason alone makes having custom packaging essential to your product and businesses success. If your product is sitting on shelves, they’re crowded with competition. By coming up with an innovative package design, you separate yourself from the crowd.

Are You Standing Out?

Boxes from UPS, Fedex, DHL and Amazon don’t just have tiny logos slapped on the top right hand corner of their packaging, the delivery giants make it very clear who’s doing the delivering and packaging. Take a tip from the big dogs, your brand should be prominently displayed, remember this is marketing and marketing requires you to turn that box you’ve created into your statement, it’s your tiny billboard in package form!

High Volume Purchases & Increasing Profit

High Capacity Orders bring down your Cost-Per-Unit (CPU). Meaning, by purchasing consistently at high volumes, you’ll increase your savings, just make sure you’re testing this method first. At Victory Box Corp, we will help you consolidate your purchases as developing new packaging helps improve profit. A well designed package adds a lot of power to your presence, if you stand out and establish an identity–brand loyalty is formed. So, as long as your product follows through on the promise it’s made on the package

Reduce Waste

Custom packaging, when approached from the right angle, can reduce and lower the impact of your business’s carbon footprint and by proxy, operating costs. Victory Box Corp encourages the reduction of waste and follows the 3R Initiative:

  • Reduce : Choosing to use things with care to reduce the amount of waste.
  • Reuse: The repeated use of items or parts of items which still have usable aspects
  • Recycle : The use of waste as resources

By following these three basic methods, Victory Box makes a conscious effort to reduce the pressure of deforestation.


At Victory Box Corp, our corrugated boards are made from recycled paper. When making cardboard from raw materials the process is excruciatingly longer than making it from recycled cardboard. Recycling cardboard also stops the production of wood based cardboard which actually creates sulfur dioxide— commonly known as acid rain!

A Lasting Impression

Psychology. People do judge a book by its cover and your custom packaging could be the lynch pin that provides a customer with the means to return to your service. Think about it–you’re a strictly online business, you don’t really communicate with customers, so the only way you can get your message across is through your packaging! Making that initial impression generates overall satisfaction and will most likely increase a customer’s likelihood of making a repeat purchase!

So…Is Custom Packaging Worth It?

Yes! If used correctly, custom boxes are a major investment that will help your business. From reducing waste to making a lasting impression, to saving on shipping costs. Custom Boxes are a crucial step in the marketing process and can give your business the push it needs to become a recognizable brand.

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