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What Are Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Packaging?

March 28, 2022

What Are Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Packaging?

Designing custom packaging for your business is a fun and exciting process, but it also comes with a few obstacles to overcome. We’ve already discussed ways to make your custom packaging stand out, so now we’re tackling the opposite end of the spectrum, and offering some tips about common mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating custom packaging.

Careless Copy Errors

Firstly, make an extra effort to be sure that there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes on your packaging, labels, or inserts. Sloppy errors can give a bad impression, and make your business seem like more of an afterthought than a serious pursuit.

Putting Form Over Function

Visually appealing packaging is a great way to stand out from the competition, but it’s critical that you don’t focus solely on the aesthetic aspects while neglecting the rest of your design. Functional and effective packaging should always come first; once those elements are settled, then you can work on the art and overall aesthetic.

Too Difficult To Open

Difficult-to-open packaging is one of the most frustrating elements of buying products online. You want your customers to be happy at receiving your package, not frustrated from struggling to open it! Being sure to design your packaging in a way that is easy to open is a great method for building a strong relationship with your audience.

Overly Complicated Designs

Continuing from the previous point, packages that are complex or over-designed can be off-putting for customers. Remember: keeping things as simple as possible is often the best solution when it comes to design work.

Picking The Wrong Material Or Box

When you are choosing the type of box or packaging material for your product, the goal should be to make choices that will suit and protect your item during transit, rather than simply picking what looks best. This is especially true of packaging food products, where your priorities should be maintaining freshness and offering appropriate protection.

Wasteful Packaging

At Victory Box, one of our primary goals is to embrace sustainability and help to preserve our planet. One of the best ways that you can do the same is to make your packaging as sustainable as possible. Using just the right packaging, materials, and additional flourishes, with as little waste as possible, is not only better for the environment, but better for your business as well!

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